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Sunday Worship Services On The Church Premises Suspended | 周日礼拜暂停在教会场所内举办

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all Sunday worship services on the church premises will be suspended until further notice.

由于 COVID-19 疫情,教堂场所内的所有周日礼拜活动将暂停,直到另行通知。

From 5th April 2020 onwards, we will begin streaming our Sunday Worship Services at the following timings:

从 2020 年 4 月 5 日起,本教会将在以下时间开始周日礼拜直播:

  • 8.30am 上午八点半 - English Service 英语崇拜
  • 10.30am 上午十点半 - Chinese/Teochew Service 潮华崇拜
  • 5.00pm 下午五点 - Sunset Service (Bilingual) 夕阳崇拜(英华)

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