1937 年12月5日,来自中国潮汕岭东浸信会信徒成立新马第一间浸信教会 -- 淡申律浸信教会。当年借先辈会友府上在乌节路 (Orchard Road) 开始家庭聚会,後迁入苏菲亚路 (Sophia Road);

1954 年买下目前淡申律45号(45, Thomson Road)建立本教会。

1957 年开设英语崇拜聚会;

1970 年本会附设淡申幼稚园蒙教育部批准;

1974 年建教育楼(两层楼);

1978 年本会开始 差传 事工;

1988 年开设华英双语 - 夕阳崇拜;

1992 年教育楼扩建第三层楼层;

2002 年旧堂因土质逐渐沉下,开始重建新堂,於2004年4月 新堂正式启用。


2012 年是本会立会七十五周年



Our church was started on 5 Dec 1937 when the Swatow Baptist Church in China founded the first Malayan Baptist church – Thomson Road Baptist Church. In the early years, worship was held at one of our member’s home located in Orchard Rod. Thereafter, it was relocated to Sophia Road;

In 1954, the land which we sit today was purchased and our church building laid its foundation at 45 Thomson Road.

In 1957, we started our English worship service;

In 1970, our church kindergarten was approved by the Ministry of Education;

In 1974, we built a two storey education wind within the premise.

In 1978, we started our mission ministry.

In 1988, we started our bilingual (Chinese / English) service – Sunset Service;

In 1992, we extended a 3rd level to our existing education wing building.

In 2002, due to soil erosion and for future development we proceed to rebuild our main building.

In April 2004, it was completed.

In July 2007, we started our Chinese worship service.

In 2012, we saw our Church celebrating its 75th year anniversary. 

May all the glory and praise go to our God Almighty!